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We believe that we are a planet on the brink

  • This isn’t meant to be a fear tactic, rather an awareness that what we decide to do in the next 20-50 years will determine whether we witness our decline or whether we rise up and activate our true potential. As we near 8 billion people worldwide, it is time to look at what we have created and ask ourselves, is it working? When nearly half of the world’s population lives in poverty, while half of the world’s wealth belongs to the top 1%, clearly something is wrong. Scientists now believe that humans are creating the sixth mass extinction event. As we continue the exploitation of people and our natural resources we sit on the precipice of destruction or our awakening.

We believe that we have a choice

  • Much of where we have arrived has been decided unconsciously. Fueled by cheap energy and an economy based on mindless consumerism, we went down an unsustainable path. But, our world’s problems are not going to be solved by a single solution, worldview, and economic or political system. In fact, it will be a combination of many. This requires that we can move beyond our egos and worldviews, to see what is best for the many. As free thinkers, we can use our imaginations to re-envision our world.

We believe that industrialized thinking doesn’t work in our information age

  • No other species on the planet thinks of going backward. There is no going back to the “good ole’ days. We need to move forward purposefully – utilizing our connectedness, intelligence and innovation for the greater good of the whole. We have fundamentally shifted every aspect of our societies over the last 200 years and we act like the events since the Industrial Revolution have been part of humanity for hundreds of thousands of years. They were part an era, but that era is over.This is going to require that we re-think our relationship to our environment, our economic systems and our politics.

We believe in story as much as in science

  • We can utilize both right now, without heart, meaning, and context, all the science in the world won’t take us where we need to be. Data can’t be the only thing that drives our discussions, numbers have never been a good motivator. So we welcome storytelling, culture, spirituality and creativity right alongside science, technology, and innovation.  We need ideas to connect to; we need a new story to bridge the science.

 We believe in both/and solutions

  • There isn’t a single political party, energy source, innovation etc. that will get us to where we need to be. There will be many. And in our diversity of spirit and ideas, we can succeed if we move out of the mindset of either/or to both/and.

We believe that promoting is better than tearing down

  • In order to move out of the same level of consciousness that created our problems, we need to be solutions-based rather that focused on fear and the brokenness of our systems. It is easy to look at our world and point out everything that is wrong. But if we are going to create something better, we need a population that is actively engaged in activities that are promoting rather than condemning. People contributing from a place of passion and purpose, rather than from indignation, fear, or ignorance are far more effective and inspiring.

We believe that global change begins with inner awareness

  • To change the world, we must first change ourselves. It is our desire that drives the world and our economies. As we become more mindful of who we are and understand what motivates us, we understand that happiness comes from within, not from an external source. When we take time to go within, we can find what things we can do without.

We believe that ‘Us versus Them’ is a dangerous illusion

  • We share this planet. We are all connected. This is all our home. That is all.

So What’s Next?

That is truly up to us. Will we choose evolution or revolution? Will we choose to reform or transform? Are we ready for a paradigm shift? Are we willing to make some hard choices?

Our advice is to go out and find your passion and act on it. Lift your families and communities up through committed purposeful action.  Ignite your potential. Hopefully, this site will have a few ideas that inspire you along the way. And if there is, please be kind and share them. We need good ideas out there.

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Angela Levesque

Angela Levesque


Angela is a writer, intuitive and radio host who wakes up every day and wonders how she can contribute to a better world. She believes passionately that our next step is to get people in touch with who they are and what’s important to them. For more information on her visit Learn more here. 

Leslie J Hart

Leslie J Hart

Contributor/ Creative Curator

Leslie is an Empath, Intuitive Sensitive and Shamanic practitioner. He is a writer, passionate about Indigenous and spiritually based wisdom. A student of the Peruvian & Plains Native healing traditions. He is a Paranormal consultant, available to teams and individuals.  He believes in bringing harmony and sustainability to our world through compassionate action. To learn more visit 

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