Author: Angela Levesque

Nick Dunn on Revelations from the Dark

What differs between the urbanscape of the daylight and the urbanscape in the dark? What do our built environments say about the current state of our society and our economics? Nightwalking has been a pastime of many who wish to see deeper into the structure and form of our urban centers. It is an opportunity to move beyond the conformity and confines required of us in the daylight hours. Join us for a fascinating conversation with Nick Dunn about why we are really afraid of the dark and how nightwalking can give us a new perspective of the world....

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Discerning Emotions

Collectively our dark side has been exposed and we need to be in touch with how we feel. This is not having the experience of unbridled rage or fear, but to look deep within and explore our darkness in a meaningful way. This requires that we not only understand our worldview/perspectives, but also fully experience the underlying emotion. In this guided meditation, you will explore different emotions, their locations in your body and sense their subtle differences. This is an important part of the inner work we are being asked to do. After listening to the meditation, ask yourself the following questions: 1. How did the feeling of love, joy and compassion feel different from one another? Where were they located? 2. How did fear, anxiety and anger feel different from one another? Where were they located? 3. Did the location of an emotion correspond to a real life situation? E.g. Did fear reside in your throat (throat chakra)? Is there something you are afraid to...

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Klaire D. Roy on the Circle of Initiates

What are the 7 Rays and how do they influence the evolution of our earth? What is the ray structure of our president-elect Donald Trump? Klaire D. Roy is the literary interpreter of Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul’s critical study of the ray structure and initiation level of many of our world’s greatest influencers. Join us as we explore the startling revelations of some of these icons and how we are being called to look at our collective dark side with Klaire D. Roy. About the Guest: Klaire D. Roy is the literary interpreter of Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul’s ongoing...

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Jacob Nordby on Creativity & Living a Non-Conformist Life

Deep down people want to live a life of meaning and yet we all feel this pressure to lead a ‘Normal’ life. What are we giving up when we don’t seek the truth of who we are? How does the exploration of our own creativity help us to break through the chains of conformity? Join us as we explore some of the cultural truths of our ‘dark side’ and how creativity provides us with tools to wade through the muck and deeply feel and engage in our world with author of Blessed Are The Weird, Jacob Nordby. About the...

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Lisa Knopp on Disordered Eating & Our True Hunger

We hear often about the cultural messages leading to body image issues and eating disorders, but are there other factors at play? Is there a difference between eating disorders and disordered eating? Join us as Lisa Knopp shares her candid journey and some of the surprising insights she learned along the way about herself and the deep-seated cultural and biological factors involved. Want to learn more about this topic? Read Lisa Knopp’s post on What We’re Truly Hungry for.  About the Guest Lisa Knopp, author of Bread: A Memoir of Hunger, is also the author of five collections of...

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