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Our Infinite Potential with Guy Joseph Ale by Angela Levesque | Apr 25, 2016 | ENTANGLEMENT RADIO, MINDFUL LIVING | 0 CommentsWe are living in a time of amazing scientific discoveries that are changing the way we understand ourselves and the universe. Emerging fields of cosmology, neuroplasticity, superstring theory, and epigenetics are merging and bringing science and spirituality closer... Next...

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Daniel Schmachtenberger on Emergence & Our Self Organizing Universe

Why is studying whole systems so important? What can we gain from studying our subjective experience of reality? Daniel Schmachtenburger has spent his life blending different fields to bring together a new story of the evolution of our universe. Join us as we explore the concepts of emergence, synergy, and self-organization. And how understanding these as individuals and within our scientific communities, assist us in understanding the nature, breadth, and urgency of our global challenges. About the Guest: Daniel has a trans-disciplinary science background within a whole systems, complexity, and integral framework. He loves solving seemingly intractable problems by...

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Have We Become Perpetually Offended? by Angela Levesque

That which offends you only weakens you. Being offended creates the same destructive energy that offended you in the first place- so transcend your ego and stay in peace.   ~Wayne Dyer As I peruse social media, I can’t help but think we have created a society that is perpetually offended. We’ve created platforms where reasoned, thoughtful debate is sidelined in favor of boycotts, call-outs and manufactured outrage.  All of these measures have deepened the divide of us versus them thinking, preventing us from having the important conversations needed at this time. Instead of being offended, can we view our...

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Leslie J Hart on Indigenous Wisdom & the Council Fire Part II

Several years ago, Leslie had a prophetic vision that was shared with him through a sacred indigenous tradition called a council fire. This vision was a call to humanity to make the necessary changes or it warned of our destruction. Join us as Leslie shares with us the protocols of creating your own council fire and why more than ever this coming together is needed. About the Guest Leslie J Hart is the founder of “The Medicine Lodge” an alternative healing service based in Shamanism. He is an Intuitive, Sensitive and Shamanic practitioner, applying his gifts to help clients...

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Leslie J Hart on Indigenous Widsom & the Council Fire Part I

Read more about the Council Fires part I, II, III Can you imagine a world where decisions are made by asking “What will this look like seven generations from now?” There is so much for us to learn from Indigenous Cultures. Join us as we speak with Shaman, Leslie J Hart about the wisdom of the indigenous people and as he shares a prophetic vision and warning for humanity. Leslie also explores the idea of creating Council Fires which can give us a way to connect and overcome what we are facing while allowing us the opportunity to commune...

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