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When Terror Strikes by Hilde Pols

It seems to be becoming the norm: Every other day we get up to news of natural disasters, shootings, attacks and similar events that strike terror in the hearts across the world. Out of these dark moments, the beauty of love and togetherness comes forth without fail, as people stand together in support and healing. Total strangers offer physical, mental, emotional, financial and any other support they can, as their caring hearts open to their fellow human beings. Skin colour, social status or creed are completely forgotten in these moments. Only the beauty and immense strength of love, gratitude...

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Using Breath to Deal with Stress BY Guy Joseph Ale

Breath is the foundation of life, and every aspect of your life begins with your breath. Breath is the true barometer by which to measure your mental, physical, and emotional states: level of anxiety, fitness, tightness, ease, or stress. The quality of your breath indicates how balanced and aligned the different systems of your body are at any given time. The life force coursing through your body manifests itself through your breath. When we learn how to master our breath we can be in control in every situation in life. Our daily routines are filled with small and big...

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What Does Your Home Say to You? by Katherine Allen

Homes speak to me. No, not in the way that you and I speak, where sounds are represented by letters strung together to form words. But, rather, in a deeper cavern of mystery called intuition. Intuition is where the wider communication net is cast. While all of us are born with intuitive skills, I was born with a high level of intuition which was strengthened by my training in Feng Shui. Feng Shui is the Chinese art of placement that teaches that there is an energy connection between us and our environments. Yes, homes do speak to me and...

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Sleeping Beauty & the Wolf by Hilde Pols

We all know the story of the baby princess receiving blessings from three or more fairies and a curse from an uninvited one. Scared for her safety, spinning wheels are banned in the girl’s vicinity, yet years later curiosity leads her finger to the fateful prick and thus the fulfilment of the curse. We listen to the story, hoping she will be spared, hoping the bad fairy does not win. The blessings of the other fairies are overshadowed even become meaningless in comparison to the doom hanging over the girl’s head. The versions differ as to how many fairies...

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‘t is for the ones who dare! by Hilde Pols

‘t is for the ones who dare! by Hilde Pols In grace we walk o’r many fields partaking of all life ‘t is beauty and power that it yields no worry for ling’ring strife. I honour all who walk their paths In all shades of lights and greys For as we walk together more No lifeline goes astray. ‘t is good and bad and many things That walk us on our paths For what our life each day us brings It molds and shapes our hearts. Believe in the footsteps that carried you here The strength and love they...

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