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Creating a Thriving Total Environment by Katherine Allen

“Environment is everything” often said by the late Scott Dinmore, founder of Live your Legends, and I whole-heartily agree. We marinade within our environments from the beginning to the end of our lives- literally from the womb to the tomb. He was mostly referring to social environment and encouraging hanging out with those that are supportive in order to be successful. I have found that it is the total environment or ecosystem, that either drags us down or supports us to be all that we can become. Brene Brown, author, speaker, and researcher, states that it is our genetics that loads...

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The Void by Lisa Martin Naimi

  Surrounded by pure utter blackness my heart sinks into despair. Free-form floating, nothing to grasp, nothing to see. Nothing but terrifying nothingness. The nothingness clutches at my heart, my throat. I feel my chest caving in on itself. My consciousness has left my body. Nothingness surrounds me, and I am nothingness. I am nothing to see, hear, or feel. Just a point of singular awareness. In a panic, I float, unmoored, untethered. Silence, deafening silence. No light, no structures, nothing to cling to. I swivel myself in every possible direction, searching, yearning, seeking, for something to move towards,...

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Divine Expression of Anger by Morrighan Lynne

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of harming another; you end up getting burned.” ~Unknown About the Speaker: Morrighan Lynne is a Psychic Medium and Intuitive Coach with a fiery gypsy spirit! She works with the Angelic Realm and other spiritual disciplines to provide her clients loving, healing and insightful information. She is an Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher, Spiritual Medium and Paranormal Investigator. She is also a Mandala artist and Steampunk Jewelry designer. To learn more about Morrighan visit her website at   Editor’s Note: I have a deep...

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The Origin of the Scarcity Myth by Laurie McCammon

Originally published on as How I Know For Sure that Scarcity is a Myth In Enough! How to Liberate Yourself and Remake the World with Just One Word, I state that I believe scarcity is a myth. How could this be when we see evidence everywhere of dwindling natural resources, species extinction and global warming? I am not saying there are no limits or that everyone presently has enough. What I am saying is that most of the scarcity we see around us is the result of human choices that disrupt what otherwise would be naturally sustaining, self-perpetuating systems....

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Building Community is Right Up Our Alley By Linda Whittig

  Boise’s North End neighborhood can be a shady place – the yards that is. When looking for a spot to put in a blackberry patch,my husband, Devin Koski, and I realized the best sun on the property was actually in the alley. As we stood back to admire the galvanized metal trellis installed on the side of our garage, we had a “what if” moment. What if we could transform the wasted space along the length of the alley – home to dirt, weeds, and junk – into a vertical, edible garden? That was the summer of 2014....

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