Author: Hilde Pols

Knowing your Beliefs by Hilde Pols

As the battle between science, religion, and many other fields is growing, distinguishing between your beliefs and your knowledge is becoming increasingly important. Not even mentioning all disputes within each of these areas. How do we as humans, as well as individuals, figure out fact from fiction, truth from lies, and yes, belief from knowing? This is not to say that each of these three pairs directly parallel each other. Rather they form three of many axes along which we travel as we try and grasp points of contention in our complex array of understanding. Absolute or Universal truth...

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Moment of Silence by Hilde Pols

Another year has gone by and the anniversary approaches, along with its memories and maybe even memorial services. Especially when this pertains to a catastrophe the public is commonly invited to take part in a moment of silence: all stands still but for the earth and nature continuing their momentum. Yet even if it is a death of a family member of friend, it is a day we typically go within and find the silence of remembering. Yet what does this silence and memory contain? In a society where people tend to shun silence, quiet time and other forms...

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