Author: Katherine Allen

How to Create a Thriving Environment by Katherine Allen

Every summer I take my houseplants outside for a change of scenery.  They grow quite well indoors during the winter months, but something magical happens to them outdoors in the right environment of fresh air, warm temperatures and daily sunlight.  Their growth accelerates as vibrant, green leaves emerge and flowers multiply. Under the right conditions, these plants come alive in a way I don’t see them doing inside the house during the rest of the year.  It reminds me that each of us is like my plants. We bloom under the right conditions.  The shift from surviving to thriving is...

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Let Go and Get More Done by Katherine Allen

Even though my intention is to live a harmonious and soul-led life, I still find myself resisting.  It may be an important call that I know I need to make or an unfamiliar networking event scheduled on my calendar or, recently, it was about getting the taxes done.  I find that resistance always appears when I feel the need or pressure to do something rather than when I am inspired to do it.    I know that I am not alone.  Sue Rasmussen, author of “My Desk is Driving Me Crazy, End Overwhelm, Do Less, and Accomplish More,” shares...

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Garden Harmony by Katherine Allen

Spring’s warmer weather beacons us to get out of our buildings and into nature.  While a vacation may be in your near future, it is the outdoor space of our yards that often beacons us out of our homes first.  My Grandmother was a huge gardener and I learned so much from her about prepping the soil and planting at the right times, but it was her love for it that I remember most. She would often say it was where she meditated best, in her beautiful garden.  Our yards and gardens are really an extension of our homes and...

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De-cluttering in Einstein’s Friendly Universe by Katherine Allen

Through no fault of our own, or anyone else’s, the world often falls short of teaching us how we can live in harmony. As a result, most of us are like trees in which the winds of incorrect thinking have left us twisted instead of tall, proud and straight. Out of alignment, we can easily get overwhelmed, overworked and frustrated. While most of us try to course correct, it is not possible without inviting the universe in to help us. The fact is that most of us, left to our own choices, often self-correct in the wrong direction! Why? Because we...

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Find and Activate the Heart of your Home by Katherine Allen

Your home has a heart too! It is not measured in any scientific facts, but through real experiences by those who live and visit it.  Just like your own personal heart, your home’s heart is that palpable feeling and vibe that animates and brings love to the space you call home. Carole Hyder, an Integrative Space Specialist with roots in Feng Shui, states that the heart of a home operates like our own heart; it is responsible for keeping everything alive and full of vitality.   The biggest question you must ask yourself according to Hyder is, “Do you...

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