Author: Katherine Allen

Setting Goals for 2017 –The Feng Shui Way By Katherine Allen

“Wait without thought, for you are not ready for thought.” By T. S. Eliot Most of us begin our New Year Resolutions right after the holidays.  As evidence, I would like to share my own yearly observation of attending my local gym.  Every year, the yoga classes I attend swell with newbie’s eager to step into their New Year commitment of losing weight and getting into better shape.  All month long there is only elbow room, but I don’t sweat it because I know that when February hits, many will burn out.  Then, once again, I will have plenty of...

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Winter Solstice and How to Create a Dream Lodge by Katherine Allen

Shorter days and colder nights signal the time is near for Winter Solstice. This occurs on December 21, 2016. It is the end of a 6 6-monthourney that Mother Earth takes announcing the arrival of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. It is a day that marks the return of the sun and of the longer days we experience in the summer solstice that occurs in June. During this time of the year the earth’s tilt is leaning farthest away from the sun in the Northern hemisphere therefore, the light is the shortest at this time of the year and the sun...

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5 Harmony Hacks for No Stress Election Day by Katherine Allen, Harmony Expert

In any election year, but especially this one, many of us are experiencing higher levels of anxiety as we draw closer to its conclusion and the inevitable transition of power. But anxiety, which is simply old fashion fear, can blow us off course in our daily lives and away from creating the life that we truly want. Most of us want a fulfilling life with daily doses of harmony and peace. Instead of experiencing a deeper sense of ease, grace, and joy, many of us are feeling high levels of fear produced by the uncertainty of the unknown. There...

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How We Can Prevent the Next Shooter! by Katherine Allen

“When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.” — Alexander Den Heijer Given the unspeakable events of school shootings, bombings, and violent acts, it is time to discuss the issue before another one happens.   How many unspeakable events need to occur before we wake up and find solutions? Someone among us is personally raising or knows the next shooter or bomber. While it may not be you or me, it is in all of our best interest to engage in finding ways to contribute to stop this behavior, once and for...

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Om your Home with Today’s, Feng Shui! By Katherine Allen

Are you often stressed, feeling that there is never enough time, energy or money? Do you feel overwhelmed at getting everything on your list done every day? Unknowably you may be running your household operating system more from ego than from the heart.   Our egos are necessary and important but never meant to act as our controller. The problem with the ego is as Wayne Dryer states,” ego stands for edging God out”. Our egos can be so separate and alone that it loses its connection to our heart and soul. How do you know if your ego is...

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