Author: Leslie J Hart

Speaking of Truth and our True Mind/ Zeitgeist

What is Truth, True Mind and the Spirit of our Times revealing to us? In our present day society, the Truth has lost a once prominent role in our public discourse. Traditionally established facts have now become little more than subjective and malleable assertions. The Truth is no longer  absolute, or even regarded in sanctity. It has become burdensome,  inexpedient and irrelevant. If the truth does not support a given faction’s agenda, its adherents simply dismiss or discredit the veracity of the established facts. We live in a time of rampant disinformation and biased opinions having credence over actual facts. These assertions are illustrated by the innumerable deceptions purveyed by the modern corporate media, as it has evolved into entertainment. In speaking...

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Confronting the Warrior Spirit

In these ever challenging days, are we able to embrace our Warrior Spirit? Are we brave enough to enter the darkness, and emerge stronger than our fears? In silence, I contemplate the words Shaman, healer, and warrior. Of these words, warrior in particular gives me pause, as I’ve become estranged to its energy. It was only a few years ago, that I intuitively chose these three words to represent my craft and in essence, myself. Now, I find that I’m questioning who I am and the very nature of my path. Recently, it’s the darker aspects of the Warrior that has intruded my awareness, as it demands deeper introspection. The attributes, energy, and nature of the Warrior I must further explore. Coming from that critical place of self judgment,...

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A Tiny Dancer

The sound of a little voice rises and than trails off in a gentle autumn breeze. The rustle of a single leaf is drowned out by the reverberation of countless leaves clamoring in the wind. One leaf, one message, one prayer that wishes to be heard above the noise and commotion of the forest. What is in the heart of this one leaf that so wants to be heard, and to be listened to? All the colors of the leaves are on full display in the Autumn season, it’s the fall of their life cycle. A life cycle which began as a tiny bud in the...

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The Council Fire- Reloaded

Welcome to the latest installment of our ongoing conversation. I refer to this article as The Council Fire-Reloaded, and if this title reminds you of the Matrix trilogy, I’m a fan. However, the main reason for the Reloaded reference is to perform a reset, getting back to our roots, a remembering of ancient ancestral knowledge. It’s time that we rediscover the true significance of gathering around a council fire and experience the power that awaits us all.  Power in the form of ancient guidance, and wisdom. This article is meant to provide you with a basic foundation based in traditional indigenous practices so that you can have success in...

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The Council Fire Revelation

The Council Fire is more than a series of related articles, it is evolving and taking on a new purpose. The time is rapidly approaching for the Council Fire to transition from its first conception as an article, and into a living, transformational movement. The basis for the next installment of the Council Fire is already known. Within that article, I will offer a foundation, a set of indigenous based protocols on to how to create and work within your own Council Fire. After the next article,  I will encourage you to begin forming into your own Council Fire groups.  The concept of holding Council Fire gatherings will then be shaped and...

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