Author: Leslie J Hart

Traveling with a Lost Soul

On Sunday, I was returning home from a wonderful weekend with friends in Lanark county, Ontario. While traveling along a rural stretch of road, I turned south at the junction of routes 15 and 32. There on the side of the road stood an older man who appeared to be in need of a ride. In that moment, I experienced this overwhelming feeling which compelled me to stop. At the man’s feet were three bags, one of which appeared to be a sleeping bag. I pulled over to the side of the road and waited for him to come...

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A Message from the Council Fires – Update 001

  If you are on a spiritual path, than the premise of the world being in a time of great change is nothing new.  However, what these changes look like, and the eventual outcome has been the subject of lively debates. There are some points of consensus among these various groups. Most agree that we as a species are within a period of great and perilous change. While there seems to be little agreement as to the nature and rate of these impending changes, most in the light worker community, would prefer to put a positive spin on this transitional period.  This would also seem to be consistent...

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The Council Fire

The Council Fire represents an ongoing conversation and call for Mother Earth’s wisdom Keepers to come together, to spring forth from the shadows and take your rightful place around the sacred fire. It’s time that your voices are heard, time to share your wisdom and knowledge with the world. We are at a time of immense transition, which presents humanity with great opportunities, but also brings with it great peril. We find ourselves in a pivotal period of time, where humanities next stage of evolution will be decided. This stage of evolution coincides with what is being described as...

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The Way of the Shaman

Western Anthropologists adopted the term Shaman as a universal reference to the Traditional healers and Spiritual Ceremonialists of indigenous cultures worldwide. The term shamanism is used to describe those universal ancient spiritual practices and ceremonies of indigenous cultures . Though all Indigenous cultures have developed their own unique customs, their core Spiritual practices share universal guiding principles. Shamanism refers to a universal spiritual wisdom inherent to all indigenous people, from which their healing practices and egalitarian beliefs originate from. All the ancient indigenous Ceremonial practices are deeply rooted in the natural world and a reverence for all Life. Shamanism is the...

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Energy as a form of Communication

  Its springtime, the temperatures are warming and the natural world is coming back to life. The Sun is shining today, the weather is far too beautiful to be indoors. So, I chose to head to one of my favorite natural parks, Arcadia Management Area, in Exeter, RI. It is here, where I make my way over an open field to the edge of Browning Mill pond. There’s a great deal of activity on this beautiful day, families and groups have gathered to enjoy all the natural beauty and peacefulness of this location. The Sun is shining brightly, the...

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