How do you retell the story of your childhood? Is it one of discovery and adventure or the story of the outsider that was never understood? We like to tell our stories like they are Truths, but forget that we are the storytellers, we have the option of writing it from a different perspective. Join us for a great discussion on the stories we tell ourselves, how we can turn a mistake into a gift and what we can do to change our futures with Dr. Carl Greer.

About Guest Dr. Carl Greer

Carl-Greer_Entanglement-Radio_OMTimes-RadioAfter focusing on business for many years, Carl Greer, PhyD, PsyD, earned a doctorate in clinical psychology, and then became a Jungian analyst. The shamanic healing work he does is drawn from a blend of North American and South American indigenous trainings and is influenced by Jungian analytic psychology. He has trained with Peruvian shamans and through Dr. Alberto Villoldo’s Healing the Light Body School, where he has been on staff. He has worked with shamans in South America, the United States, Canada, Australia, Ethiopia, and Outer Mongolia. A clinical psychologist, philanthropist, Jungian analyst, and shamanic practitioner, Carl Greer, PhyD, PsyD, teaches at the Jung Institute in Chicago and is on the staff at the Lorene Replogle Counseling Center. For more information visit: