Your home has a soul, not measured in any scientific facts, but through real experiences by those who live with it and visit it.  Just like your soul, your homes’ soul is that palpable feeling and vibe that animates and brings to life to the space /place you call home.

A soulful home is a place in which we want to linger and stay awhile, in which we are inspired and comforted, where we feel safe and, most of all, a place that reflects back to us.   This soulful home reflects and reinforces who we are and where we are going.  Oprah Winfrey famous quote that “your home should rise up to meet you as you enter it” serves as an important question to ask ourselves?  Does your home rise up to meet you?   Is it a home in which your soul is welcomed? What is the cost when we don’t do that?  Increased loneliness, isolation, a lack of imagination and inspiration are a few of the costs when our homes do not nurture us. These occur when the home is not a supportive ecosystem for growth and living our higher aspirations.

Our culture dictates through fashion and home magazines what good style and design should look like.  It has a focus on external values and how it looks, rather than an internal compass of how it feels and how it affects us.  In creating and designing your home, office or business environments, ask “does this space inspire me and make be more creative, does it reflect back to me what really matters to me?

The shift in perception that helps us to do that is realizing that the home is a journey not a goal; it is a journey of the human spirit. Thomas more says that “we aren’t looking for the perfect house, or job, or mate, we are looking for the experience of that which we are called to recreate from the many little visits here and there, the travels and experiences in which we have gathered to be called Home to us.”

Many of us live in spaces that do not reflect back to us what is truly important to us.  I remember a young man that was a designer who shared with me that while he was known for creating little vignettes with an abundance of items all grouped together, that his soul actually loved simplicity.  He said that a tent near the river would be his ideal soulful place. How many of us crave simplicity over an excess of stuff.

Places are powerful; they take on a soul spirit.  Your house is not only a building it really is a life.  It is not only brick, and stone and wood but alive with materials that once were alive or has an energy.  It holds that energy and the bigger picture of your life and your life’s experiences. Our buildings are our second skin. They are our internal world manifested made visible. Begin my asking, “Does my home support and reflect the spirit of my soul?” If it does, that is fantastic, keep going in that direction. If not, start by simply creating one little space within your home you can claim as your Soul space. Here is are some suggestions to get you started.

Search for a space within your home that you can begin to claim as your Soul place.  It can be an entire room or simply a corner within a room.  Jung had a tower in an area of his house that he added to every four years and used for inner Soul work.  This inner Soul work requires time spent regularly.  Over time, you uncover the particular language and nuances in which your Soul speaks to you. 

Place items that support the Soul activities that you do there.  Here are some recommendations:  A candle, next to a favorite chair, fresh flowers, pictures of loved ones or favorite places or your teachers, anything that brings a good feeling or blessings into that space.   Also include the items that speak to you currently, this can include books, rocks collected from your daily walk, divination cards (if you use them) and your choice of music or fountain to add sound.    I encourage you to carve out a 15 to 30-minute Soul retreat time each day to engage in the practice of connecting to your Soul. 

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