Some of our most challenging situations revolve around navigating relationships. How do we engage with our parents, siblings, and colleagues in healthy ways? How can we prepare for those difficult conversations? Dr. Georgina Cannon explains that the most important relationship we have is the one with self. Once we really understand who we are, what we value and what our priorities are, we can deal with others in a more loving and productive way. Join us for a common sense approach to navigating our relationships with Dr. Georgina and her Third Circle Protocol.

About the Guest:

Dr. Georgina Cannon is an Award-winning consulting clinical hypnotist, relationship coach, author and lecturer at the University of Toronto. Recognized as the “public face” of hypnosis in Canada and a respected member of the mainstream health community. Dr. Cannon is a frequent media guest, and her work and views have gained her prominence as a frequent source for news and feature articles on hypnosis and alternative therapies. For more information visit