Through no fault of our own, or anyone else’s, the world often falls short of teaching us how we can live in harmony. As a result, most of us are like trees in which the winds of incorrect thinking have left us twisted instead of tall, proud and straight. Out of alignment, we can easily get overwhelmed, overworked and frustrated. While most of us try to course correct, it is not possible without inviting the universe in to help us. The fact is that most of us, left to our own choices, often self-correct in the wrong direction! Why? Because we have not correctly answered this one question.  The question, as presented by Albert Einstein is, “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”  By answering that we live in a friendly universe it is possible to untwist more quickly given we are willing to show up and do the work.

Harmony Twists are something I developed to help teach my clients as they learn to untwist from the choice that the universe is hostile to one that is friendly.  As they begin to untwist, they find that they align to the same intelligence that governs all the powers of the universe.  This alignment gives them significant upgrades in energy, insights and daily contentment, rather than seeing the chores as burdens.  It is the very act of starting with small steps taken every day in the right way that establishes new habits that either liberates up or take us down.

There are many opportunities every day to untwist from a hostile to a friendly universe point of view.  It is often in the simple and mundane aspects of living our lives that great lessons, even from Einstein can be mastered.  Let’s start with something very basic like clearing, cleaning, and de-cluttering from the perspective that the universe supports you. 

Pushing and striving are actions that stem from a belief that the world is hostile and has to be won.  A belief in a  friendly universe starts and ends with ease, knowing that the universe wants you to be successful, and wants to help you fulfill all the requirements it takes to do so.  This perspective has the power to shapeshift how we engage in our daily lives. Take the task of decluttering, an example of a hostile approach is   “I have to do this” where a friendlier approach moves from, I have to do this; to I get to do this. Here are more ways to approach your decluttering that will help you untwist from a mindset of daily drudgery to spiritual inspiration.

Begin with adopting a new mindset.  Here in an affirmation that aligns your thoughts of a friendly universe.   “I am supported by the universal self-organizing power of growth, harmony, and love.”

In a hostile universe, clutter is often viewed as just stuff or junk, but in a friendly universe, it is a mirror that reflects where you are stuck. 

Clutter is defined as anything that you don’t love or use, which causes energy to get stuck. Clutter often generates strong feelings of being overwhelmed, stressed and leads to depression.  If you want more energy, inspiration, and motivation then a little bit of de-cluttering is the first important step to finding your freedom and joy. 

Take a gentle approach.  In a friendly universe, there is plenty of compassion which includes our emotions. Be aware that in releasing the stuck energy you will feel the emotion that was associated with it.  So, be gentle with yourself as this will release the old and bring possibilities for the new. 

(c) Can Stock Photo / Nanisimova