Its springtime, the temperatures are warming and the natural world is coming back to life. The Sun is shining today, the weather is far too beautiful to be indoors. So, I chose to head to one of my favorite natural parks, Arcadia Management Area, in Exeter, RI. It is here, where I make my way over an open field to the edge of Browning Mill pond.

There’s a great deal of activity on this beautiful day, families and groups have gathered to enjoy all the natural beauty and peacefulness of this location. The Sun is shining brightly, the scene before me is idyllic. As I approach the edge of the pond, I come very close to a pair of Canadian geese who have come right to the waters edge. To my surprise I notice that there are three very young goslings at their side. There also happens to be a picnic table next to me, so I take my seat here within about twelve feet of this family. I realize in this moment, that I may be seen as an intrusion, or a potential threat by the adults. My intention, the energy that I’m projecting is of calmness, of appreciation and the desire to share this beautiful space with them.

With my initial approach I observed the male posture, he extended his neck, tensed its body and fixed his eyes directly with mine. I was immediately aware of the message his body language was conveying, and on my part I expressed a certain amount of disinterest. It was within the literal scene that I also communicated energetically with the adults. I maintained a calm and peaceful energy within myself, projecting a relaxed presence. I could feel the intensity of the males eyes that were upon me begin to ease, the tension between us melting away, as I went about my business. I began pulling pad and pen from my back pack with the intention of writing an article inspired by being in this peaceful setting. I also used the opportunity to click off a few pictures of the family, while observing their behavior.

I noticed that the adults would alternate standing watch over their surroundings, occasionally both adults would watch in opposite directions. Meanwhile their young goslings explored the land, content to preen themselves in the warm sun, never venturing beyond just a few feet of their parents. I enjoyed this opportunity, this privilege to share space with them, to be a part of the natural world as a true relative. I was also aware of a certain boundary that was intuitively established between us, and I would respect it.

I began to write with my attention wondering to various subjects that I wish to share in future article around spirituality. As I became lost in my own daydream, I was suddenly alerted by one of the adults that something was wrong. In a low audible honk the male set the family in motion, the two adults followed by their three goslings, single file they all calmly took to the water. The cause for the alarm was a group of approaching women, who were also walking several small dogs. Though they were at a far greater distance to the geese than myself, the adult geese decided that they would set off upon the water, avoiding the potential danger. I was disappointed to see them leave, but kept track of their movements as I continued to write.

The family of geese made a large loop upon the water, and in a relatively short time returned back to the shore near me. While I was pleased to see them, I was a bit surprised that they would approach the same location given that I still remained seated there at the picnic table. I began to feel a certain bond with the family, as  I found myself joining in with the adults, scanning the area and occasionally making eye contact with them. In a sense, I felt that I had become another set of eyes for them, remaining watchful while maintaining that awareness of my own energy.

I noticed a father and his young daughter approaching the area, and so again the family of geese set into motion for the safety of the open water. Not in a panic, but in a calm response to the approaching pair. The little girl was very excited to see the little goslings who were all following single file behind their parents. Over the course of an hour, this scenario repeated over again, with different groups of people approaching. These intrusions sent the family of geese out upon the water, only to have them return back near to me, a short time later.

I began to reflect on this repeating pattern that I was observing with these geese. Each group of visitors exhibited varying body language, excitement levels, and other characteristics as they attempted to get a closer look at the young goslings. The distance at which the family of geese would allow various strangers to approach them also seemed to vary, though none could come as close as my location without sending them retreating back out on the water. Maybe I got lucky when I first came to visit with these geese in that they allowed me to be in such close proximity to them. Although, I’m not sure that luck explains why they would continue to return so close to me, time after time. After all, there were several hundred feet of identical shoreline of which they were free to come ashore without a human presence.

I feel that maintaining a specific energy for my entire visit played a role in my relationship with the geese. I maintained a calm and peaceful energy, along with a genuine appreciation for them. Through this experience, I became far more in tune to my own energy and the energy of others, including that of the geese. It may be difficult to substantiate my belief that communication occurs on an energetic level, and between all living beings, but that is my assertion. My intention is not to convince you of this, but rather to encourage your own experimentation. To be conscious of energy, and use it to communicate your intentions, and feelings within a given situation. This experiment with energy as a form of communication, is limited only by our imagination.