home photoHomes speak to me. No, not in the way that you and I speak, where sounds are represented by letters strung together to form words. But, rather, in a deeper cavern of mystery called intuition. Intuition is where the wider communication net is cast. While all of us are born with intuitive skills, I was born with a high level of intuition which was strengthened by my training in Feng Shui. Feng Shui is the Chinese art of placement that teaches that there is an energy connection between us and our environments. Yes, homes do speak to me and I believe they will start speaking to you too after I share two experiences.

One of the ways that a home speaks to me is through its vibration or “the vibe.” A brain researcher, Jill Bolte Taylor shares from her book, “Stroke of Insight” experienced this first hand when she had a stroke. She noticed that when a nurse would enter into her hospital room even though she had a smile on her face it was often not congruent with the vibes she was feeling. A similar thing happened to me when I visited a client that lived on a street named Hazard. Words have a vibration to them as well.   The house was also directly across from an old graveyard. Instantly I started to hear the vibe more than what my client was telling me. “The vibe” was saying “danger and death.” However, my client said “…everything was going great.” It wasn’t until the 2nd visit that she finally told me how much everything in her life was in danger. Her business and marriage were about to end if something didn’t shift for her. Now, with everything out on the table, we got to work making the shifts in her home that would help to bring some stabilization to her life.   As a result, life got better.

I would like to share is that another way that homes speak is through color. My client Cindy and her husband Bob had recently built and furnished their dream home. Bob suddenly lost his job soon after they moved in. They wondered if there was a connection. The instant I walked through their front door, I could see and feel what the problem was! They were living in a blue world. Cindy quickly let me know that blue was her favorite or and she splashed it everywhere. There was a blue rug, a blue sofa and chairs, blue on the walls and even blue countertops in the kitchen. Now blue is a beautiful color and it has a calming and relaxing effect.   But too much of blue, or any color, can lead to an imbalance which was exactly what was happening to my clients. Bob had become so relaxed that he never left the couch.  After seeing more blue throughout their house, I turned to Cindy and told her that “if you add one more thing blue in it, you going to kill your husband.” A simple solution was to add a warmer color they choose burgundy red and only weeks later reported that Bob was motivated again and got a new job.
While these are only two of my experiences, they highlight ways in which homes not only speak to

While these are only two of my experiences, they highlight ways in which homes not only speak to me, but speak to all of us. Why is it important to listen, because like my clients, the voice of your home provides important feedback that helped to course correct in areas of life, from jobs, to family harmony, health and much more. It can restore balance and harmony. Getting lives back on track. I believe that your home is trying to speak to you, and it even desires to give you an energetic edge when you do it right.   Thousands of years ago this was said best by a Sufi poet said that everything in life is speaking, is audible, is communicating, in spite of its apparent silence.   I invite you to go home and listen for yourself your home’s subtle, yet powerful, messages.

Tips that will help you to hear what your home is saying to you

  1. Get tuned into the frequency of intuition, the flash of insights that you receive but often dismiss.   Begin to acknowledge these flashes of insights by saying out loud, “I acknowledge that I just got a hit of intuition.   Then write it down or act on it immediately as they tend to pass quickly.
  2. Start the conversation with your house by talking to it as if it is a person. Things are alive with energy, even the bricks and mortar of your home. Therefore, tell your home you are home when you enter it, and thank-it often for its protection and shelter that it provides day after day. Say good-night to it at night and good –morning when you wake up. Slowly these daily habits will begin to awaken the intuitive frequency where your home communicates to you.
  3. The one thing that changed everything for me was asking my home what is your name? It took me quite a while to receive the answer but my home did give me a most amazing name. Bella Vista, which means beautiful sight!

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