Could the same things that affect your health be stopping you from living the life you love? In her book, Love Incorporated:The Business of Doing What You Love, Jennifer Noel Taylor talks about our body as a reflection of the heart and why this relationship matters on our path to our purpose. Join us for an inspirational discussion on the thoughts that hold us back and how to better listen to our hearts in our search for meaningful work.

About the Guest

JenniferJennifer graduated from Cal Poly (San Luis Obispo, CA) with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science and a Minor in Philosophy. After graduation, she started her first job as a Software Engineer at a big company in San Diego. Like so many people, she felt incredibly trapped and depressed at a job that paid the bills but didn’t speak to her passion in life. I constantly suffered from “a case of the Mondays,” this weighty sense of foreboding at the beginning of each work week.

Even though she was incredibly bored at her day job, she started pursuing her true passion at night: massage school! She studied massage at the International Professional School of Bodywork, Esalen Institute in Big Sur, and the Maui Academy of Healing Arts.

While working on people, she started to feel the “energy fields” emanating from people. She became fascinated by energy healing and studied various energy healing modalities including Reiki.She met Richard Gordon, the founder of Quantum-Touch, at his lecture on Maui. She fell in love with the vision of Quantum-Touch and received a very clear message from the Universe that Quantum-Touch was her true calling. Shortly after she met Richard, she quit her job and took a Leap of Faith. She finally followed her Heart. She took over as CEO of Quantum-Touch in June 2002. When you are following your Heart, doors will open almost magically.

She has dedicated her life work to helping people discover the healing power of their Love. She strives to integrate spirituality and business by implementing business practices that include spiritually rewarding jobs, loving spiritual service to the world, environmental responsibility, and financial abundance. Quantum-Touch has grown from a small United States company to an international Corporation with a community of over 50,000 people.


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