If you are on a spiritual path, than the premise of the world being in a time of great change is nothing new.  However, what these changes look like, and the eventual outcome has been the subject of lively debates. There are some points of consensus among these various groups. Most agree that we as a species are within a period of great and perilous change. While there seems to be little agreement as to the nature and rate of these impending changes, most in the light worker community, would prefer to put a positive spin on this transitional period.  This would also seem to be consistent and expected from those who come from love and operate from heart space.

Even those among us who are not necessarily enlightened, have a general sense that the current system is failing. That our way of life that we all have known for so long is unsustainable, that drastic changes are occurring and coming. Throughout human history, all Empires attain a certain level of success and prosperity which inevitably becomes unsustainable. Decline and ruin are the final stages, its part of the great cycle of life to which all civilizations are subject to.

The Western civilization has been experiencing periods of booms and busts throughout its rise to becoming one of the worlds great civilizations. This civilization reached its pinnacle by becoming a world empire,  a world super power, and the greatest military power known in the context of existing world history. However, this empire coexists with other competing empires,  all of which are interrelated on a global scale.

During the current U.S. election cycle, there are calls to “make America great again”.  This is a campaign slogan, however it’s also general acknowledgement by many within the population who are observing a measurable decline in all aspects of their way of life. This sense of decline has been politically sensationalized, opposing sides blaming individuals rather than acknowledging what is a bipartisan shared legacy.


Breadline- Great depression

The actual onset to this sense of decline is difficult to pinpoint,  even if we were able to put partisan politics aside. People from all political ideology seem to concur that something needs to be done now to stop the perpetual decline that is occurring on a global scale. The decline that is being experienced worldwide seems to transcend any single country, or empire. Instead we are experiencing a shift on a global scale, that was perhaps prophesied by ancient indigenous cultures worldwide.

blue star kachina

Blue Star Kachina- Hopi prophecy

Politics and religion have historically divided humanity. These two institutions threaten to once again bring destruction and collapse to the world within our time. Of the great challenges for light workers, those who shine light upon darkness and expose truth, is how to be that light? How can one expose truth to humanity, if that truth is in contradiction to a cultures widely held belief systems?  Those who shine light upon the world in essence are messengers, and historically the messenger is often not well received.

As an example, if we were to accept the story that Jesus Christ was crucified by his own people for shining light upon the world, as a historical event. What hope would a modern messenger truly have of enlightening our world?  It’s doubtful that a present day incarnation of Jesus Christ would have much, if any success raising the consciousness of people today. It’s ironic that a messenger of light today could experience similar perils to those attributed to Jesus Christ. In some 2000 years it seems humanity has not evolved further than those societies described in the written texts of the world’s major religions.

Politics and Religion have conspired throughout history to repress the masses, and prosper from the labor of their loyal subjects. Humanity suffers repeatedly at the hands of their oppressors, yet seemingly doubles down on these existing paradigms rather than awakening to the truth of their reality.  It’s as though humanity has been pre-programmed to follow an established prime directive.  A hard wired program that requires the population to give away its personal power and ability for critical thinking, all in exchange for some delusion of security.

dna eye

Would you believe that within our DNA coding lies a primordial program that has hindered us from reaching our highest potential as a species? Would you believe that within your DNA sequencing there is an operating system similar in essence to modern computers? It’s within these operating systems that we can discover our propensities for certain universal behaviors and limiting beliefs.

If we hope to free ourselves as a species, than we must explore ways to crack the codes, and thereby begin rewriting our internal programing. We are observing the evolution of modern computers as they begin to realize their potential for Artificial Intelligence. Are we ready to explore the intelligence that lies dormant within us? Are you ready to explore the secrets within your DNA strands, your internal programing, so that you can evolve to your highest potential?

If so, join me in this continuing conversation, The Council fire revelations will be shared with you in an epic series of downloads that will update your operating system. Check for your system updates weekly, if not sooner.  See you soon!

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The Council Fire