Let Go and Get More Done by Katherine Allen

Let Go and Get More Done by Katherine Allen

Even though my intention is to live a harmonious and soul-led life, I still find myself resisting.  It may be an important call that I know I need to make or an unfamiliar networking event scheduled on my calendar or, recently, it was about getting the taxes done.  I...

Garden Harmony by Katherine Allen

Garden Harmony by Katherine Allen

Spring’s warmer weather beacons us to get out of our buildings and into nature.  While a vacation may be in your near future, it is the outdoor space of our yards that often beacons us out of our homes first.  My Grandmother was a huge gardener and I learned so much...

About The Author

Angela Levesque

Angela Levesque is an author, Inspiration Coach and radio host. She knows that our level of awareness governs every aspect of our lives. So in her work she bridges science, health, and spirituality to assist her clients in understanding how they operate, why they make the choices they make, and the importance of the mind/body relationship. Angela has a clinical background as an exercise physiologist, as well as training in Reiki, Healing Touch, Reconnective Healing, hypnosis and meditation. This allows her to take an integrative approach to her coaching work. Angela also hosts a weekly podcast called Entanglement Radio. She is the founder of Conversations From the Brink and teaches many classes in mind/body weight loss, intuition development, meditation, and self-care. Angela Levesque’s first book entitled Healing Environment: The Conscious Creation of Health is now available. For more information visit www.hestiahealth.com.

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