Are you often stressed, feeling that there is never enough time, energy or money? Do you feel overwhelmed at getting everything on your list done every day?

Unknowably you may be running your household operating system more from ego than from the heart.   Our egos are necessary and important but never meant to act as our controller. The problem with the ego is as Wayne Dryer states,” ego stands for edging God out”. Our egos can be so separate and alone that it loses its connection to our heart and soul.

How do you know if your ego is running your household? You will know if you are spending a lot of effort, pushing and striving to get things done but never quite happy with the results. The ego’s concern is more about things like status, being right and winning while the hearts operating system is more about living with purpose, finding fulfillment, and cultivating happiness.

I once visited a home in which the entire house except the kitchen had been redone with a great amount of expense. Each room was more beautiful than the next.   As I toured each room, it suddenly hit me. Every room looked picture perfect, down to the placement of the pillows on the chairs. It was a still life picture, not a home that could be lived in. When I asked what the issue was, the lady explained that no one was finding the house comfortable. In her dismay, the only room that the family hung out was in the kitchen that had not been redecorated.   It turned out that her ego had a big part of decorating the house and it was based on looks and not for being comfortable.   We started by embarking on a journey to rediscover her heart’s vision.   And, with some work she was able to make her home more comfortable and beautiful.

Here are a few suggestions that will help you find your Home’s Inner OM

  • Make your home a sanctuary for your highest intention such as peace, acceptance, love, balance, healing, joy and creativity. These higher values allow the energy to rise to its highest vibration. As Oprah Winfrey as said, “Your house should stand up and greet you.” Make sure the energy in your home and your intention are resonating at its highest frequency. Write out our family’s motto as an intention in a one or two sentence statement.   Use a beautiful font, frame and hang somewhere visible to all.
  • Aim for comfort, function and beauty and balance. Sometimes, in Feng Shui, the cure is to mess things up, don’t make everything perfect. That is what I did for the lady with the too beautiful and perfect house. I had her mess things up a bit. Try allowing your live flowers die with petals falling in natural positions, or books to lie open to a wonderful quote instead of all tidy and neat as if no one is home.
  • Set the tone in your home by being committed to living a stress-free and loving environment. This means first and foremost make a place in your home to do your inner abode work-It only by doing the inner work that you can become authentic, compassionate and whole hearted. One of the best ways to do this is with a personal altar set up somewhere within your home. This could include placing a special candle, flowers, crystals and rocks along with your journal that will set the right mood to alter your mind to find its inner Om.

There are so many stresses in our world today , we are all being hit energetically daily that it makes it so important to make home a safe haven where you can recharge your energy, find your balance and center, raise your energy as you remember who you are.

A home is more than a box within which to live; it is a soul activity to be retrieved from the numbness of the world.—Robert Sardello

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