Can we prove what happens after we die? How would this proof change our day to day life? Paul Davids shares the many accounts of his friend and skeptic, Forrest J Ackerman contacting him from the afterlife. In his book, An Athiest in Heaven: The Ultimate Evidence for Live After Death? he meticulously documents over 140 incidences that he believes are afterlife communications. Join us for a level headed conversation about his proof and what his thinks it all means on Entanglement Radio.

About Paul Davids

DavidsPaul Davids is a Princeton Psychology graduate, an original Fellow of the AFI Center for Advanced Film Studies, and an award-winning Hollywood writer, director, and producer of many TV films distributed by Showtime and NBCUniversal, including The Sci-Fi Boys (Saturn Award Winner Best DVD 2006), Jesus in India and Roswell (Golden Globe nominee Best Motion Picture for TV). His latest film, Marilyn Monroe Declassified, will be released soon.

Davids was production coordinator for Marvel Productions’ Transformers, and a co-author with his wife, Hollace Davids, of six books in the Lucasfilm Star Wars saga, beginning with The Glove of Darth Vader and ending with Prophets of the Dark Side. For more information visit: