Did Hillary Clinton represent the sacred feminine? What role does Trump play in the creation of a new paradigm? Rev. Dr. Karen Tate has devoted her life’s work to re-awakening Goddess spirituality in the modern world. She hopes that one day the masculine and feminine energies will exist in harmony, but in order to get there we need to be engaged and active participants in our future. Join us as we meld politics, spirituality, and current events from the lens of the sacred feminine with Rev. Dr. Karen Tate.

About the Guest:

Rev. Dr. Karen Tate – author, teacher, speaker, radio show host and social justice activist. Named One of the 13 Most Influential Women in Goddess Spirituality and a Wisdom Keeper of the Goddess Spirituality Movement, Karen hosts the long-running show, Voices of the Sacred Feminine on Blog Talk Radio, considered a treasure trove of wisdom by listeners and peers.

Karen has written several books including, Goddess Calling; Inspirational Messages and Meditations of Sacred Feminine Liberation Thealogy, Sacred Places of Goddess; 108 Destinations,
Walking An Ancient Path; Rebirthing Goddess on Planet Earth, and Voices of the Sacred Feminine; Conversations to ReShape Our World, the anthology she curated based on her radio show of the same name.

She appears in the influential and award-winning film, Femme: Women Healing the World, produced by Emmanuel Itier (Wonderland Entertainment) and actress, Sharon Stone. Regularly interviewed in the media she also gives inspirational talks on topics that motivate, uplift and encourage equality, human rights and social justice activism at prestigious gatherings such as the Council for the Parliament of World Religions and the American Academy of Religion, as well as community venues such as temples, churches, college classes and private organizations. For more information visit http://www.karentate.com/