With the breakdown of many systems, many are talking about what our new paradigm will look like. Does the modern day mystic have a role to play in our new world? Will they be an interpreter for the masses of the unknown and spiritual realms? Join us for an enlightening discussion on embracing our true selves and why the spiritual teachers will have an important role in the creation of our new world.

About the Guest
Aja CarnacAdrienne Trapani is a Spiritual Teacher and Shamanic Medium, which simply means she works with allies in Spirit on behalf of others and teaches people how to do the same. She knows that expanding our perspective and relationship to reality is what’s called for at this time and that we are, indeed, the ones we’ve been waiting for. When she’s not traveling inter-dimensionally, you can find her at home in Boise, Idaho or in the far west of Brittany, France. You can learn more about her work atwww.AdrienneTrapani.com.