Singularity is the point at which what we know to be true breaks down. Whether it is a discussion of physics, technology, or spirituality it is coupled with the transformation of time, space, and reality. Scientists have always sought after quantifiable laws upon which the universe is governed, but in some cases, the truth lies just beyond those laws. As we enter the realm of the unknown we can begin to challenge these seemly immutable laws upon which we base our reality. It is in this space that our true human potential lies. This is the next phase in our evolution.

Evolving Evolution

According to some of the biological standards of evolution, humans are no longer evolving. Common things such as air travel or modern medical technology dilute or extinguish the pressure that used to spur on the evolutionary process.  This is born out of an old world, mechanistic view. We are evolving, it is just happening in different ways. Maybe our idea of evolution as change over time, needs to shift as we begin to see that time is not as static as we once thought. We need to remove linear time from our understanding because singularity exists outside of that known parameter. What if our evolutions is happening in a space that is timeless?

Evolution seems to continue as part of our technological advancement, our spirituality and while a contentious theory, some physicist argue that we live in an evolving universe. A type of cosmological natural selection in which the universe is constantly fine-tuning itself, to give way to more advanced universes. If we are no longer evolving in the strictest biological sense, but continue to grow and develop in these other areas, then what are we moving towards?

Man & Machine

When we talk about singularity, some people get this image of man merging his consciousness with a machine. Technological singularity is highly debated amongst futurist, not whether or not it will happen, but when. Technological singularity is about more than just man merging with machine, though some futurists such as Ray Kurzweil, believe that is where it is headed. There are some advances that first need to take place prior to that happening. Computer processing power will need to greatly improve. Computers will need to be self-aware and as artificial intelligence continues to advance, computers will become more able to self-correct and improve upon themselves. Eventually, as they surpass the complexity of our brainpower, they will be able to build newer, more complex versions of themselves.

You might ask, why would we want to build machines that will eventually surpass us? In theory, this ramped up computing power and super intelligence, will help us to solve the larger and more complex issues that humanity is facing. As they advance, humans will be able to embed their consciousness into a computer. Essentially creating a version of ourselves that could exist indefinitely. This technological immortality is the supposed height of this singularity. Though as advanced as this work is technically, it is still somewhat governed by the laws of cause and effect. Ultimately, this view is limited by its understanding of consciousness. We are more than just our brains, memories and level of self awareness.  So we should ask ourselves, does technology without spirituality lead to our destruction or if we let them merge, can it help us achieve our awakening?

A Matter of Time

Another place you will find singularity is in a conversation about space-time. In space-time singularity we are talking about a breakdown in general relativity. In two instances, our standard understanding of the natural laws of the universe i.e. gravity, do not apply. The first is in the instance of a black hole, specifically at its center. At the center of a black hole the gravity is infinitely strong and it appears that there are incomplete paths or jumps in the curvature of the space-time continuum.

The second instance is the Big Bang. The very first moment of creation is singularity. From this moment the universe began expanding and relativity and dichotomy were born. These two events appear to be on the edge or end of the space-time continuum, a place where space and time cease to exist.

When Many Become One

As we usher in the 5th dimension (spiritually speaking), our view of reality also breaks down. We are no longer bound by the confines of the linear, mechanistic view of the world. Spiritual singularity is what the great sages and religions define as our oneness. In this connection to the whole, our ego mind and our sense of separation dissolve. This dissolution of the mechanistic worldview must also be coupled with the dissolution of our idea of time and space.

Quantum mechanics is showing us a story of infinite possibility, one where consciousness is the creative force. It is important to mention that this understanding of consciousness is much different than the consciousness spoke of in technological singularity. This consciousness is not just our self-awareness, but truly a field of light, energy and information that connects us all. In this, we also will see the end of our dichotomous thinking, our competition, and the drive to conquer others. We are all holographs of a larger whole.

Can We Engineer Our Awakening?

Is it possible that singularity that is explored in many different disciplines is really talking about the same thing? Maybe our merging of mind and machine is not a ‘Matrix-style’ dystopian version of the future, where man becomes prey to the machines. Maybe it could be that our technological singularity is not a blockade to enlightenment, but rather a catalyst. Spiritual singularity is about oneness and our understanding that we are all connected. If we use our expanded understanding of consciousness, one that is not only self aware but a creative force, we can see that it is also evolving.

For example, the Internet has created a global community. We call it the World Wide Web, because it connects us to one another similarly, as our field of consciousness. It is a technological parallel to this field. Having the opportunity to expand our sphere of influence, pass information and create virtual communities, is a technological expression of our oneness. Now what happens when the processing power of machines becomes so complex that its processing becomes instantaneous. Will we see yet another breakdown in our view of time? Maybe as we can solve some of the larger global issues we are facing we can remove some of the fear that separates us. And as we further build our technological connections, we will become more acutely aware of our spiritual connection.

What About The Heart?

We know that humans are more than just the mind or self awareness. The heart’s electrical field is up to six times strong than the brain. So as we think about merging our minds to computers, where does the heart fit in? It is in this question that concerns arise. If we exclude the part of us that intuits, loves, feels compassion are we doomed to a lesser world? Where will the soul be contained? This is why a more integral understanding of consciousness must be included in our ideas of technological singularity. It is through our hearts and not our minds that we connect to the larger field. Though in a largely unawakened society, it is our minds that have the greatest ability to influence the field.

As we stand on the precipice of singularity in so many ways, and as we break down old systems and build new a paradigm, perhaps there is hope. Maybe technology will truly be a catalyst to our spiritual singularity, and not the destruction of it. It is our journey toward wholeness that we are all striving for; it could be all one in the same? It is hard to foresee a much more complex future, from a less complex understanding of the universe. Yet, these are the great questions that are facing humanity in the next couple of decades. It makes sense we begin to explore them sooner rather than later.

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