We all know the story of the baby princess receiving blessings from three or more fairies and a curse from an uninvited one. Scared for her safety, spinning wheels are banned in the girl’s vicinity, yet years later curiosity leads her finger to the fateful prick and thus the fulfilment of the curse. We listen to the story, hoping she will be spared, hoping the bad fairy does not win. The blessings of the other fairies are overshadowed even become meaningless in comparison to the doom hanging over the girl’s head. The versions differ as to how many fairies offer blessings, yet it is always the one curse that outweighs their offerings. Why?

The Cherokee tell the tale of a grandfather taking his grandson on his knee and explaining about the battle within every person. “There is a battle between two wolves inside each of us, son. One is bad, spreading anger, jealousy, pride, lies and similar. The other is good, embodying love , joy, gratitude, peace and so on.The little boy ponders this for a while, and then asks: “which wolf wins, granddad?” The answer is a soft reply: “the one you feed, son.”

It is up to us to decide which wolf we feed, as that will be the one that gains strength and thus leads our decisions in life. As those around sleeping beauty focus on the curse, it grows in power. Her life is controlled and monitored, as they try to fight the fear which is ever present in their minds: the fear they are continually feeding. the girl finds release after going through the ordeal of fear, pain, sleep and reawakening – she faced the fear ruling her life and overcame it. Only then could her beauty and all the blessings offered by the other fairies truly awaken,  as she stepped into the world with no limits to her life.

How different would her youth have been, if her loved ones had not shielded her from the curse but focussed on the blessings of her life. Instead of hiding spinning wheels they could have taught her to use the tool safely and to her advantage. Instead of protecting her out of fear, they could have encouraged her to live a full life. If the prick were to be fatal, she would at least have had a beautiful life up until then. But the beauty of life was put to sleep instead, so that we could learn from the tale.

Take a moment to review your blessings and what you perceive as curses in your life. Which wolf are you feeding and thus allowing to shape and lead your life? Is there a spinning wheel hidden around a corner or can you move around freely? Do you choose to see your abilities and beauty, or rather focus on your shortcomings and unique features as blemishes? Are you grateful for what you have, or do you gaze longingly at that beyond your reach? Which wolf are you feeding? Which spinning wheel are you circumventing?

We can only influence what is happening right now in the present. We might have been told or guess at what is to come, yet we cannot change this message or thought as it lies in the past. Nor can we reach out into the future to change it. We can, however, be conscious of the present moment and how it is shaping the path to our future. Reliving bad memories or fearing the future, makes us numb to our current potential. Indeed the potential becomes a sleeping beauty, locked away and out of reach until we dare to let go of our fears and embrace our blessings.

Letting go might seem a small step, but it is often the start of many a healing process, as our body, mind and soul reflect our feelings, thoughts and actions. Thus if we dwell on something long enough it will be imprinted on our reality: whether it is fear or potential, it becomes real. Those who fear an illness running in the family are much more likely to attract it, whilst suppressing their innate ability to create and maintain health. Those who escaped the cycle of poverty, did so in freeing themselves from “poverty” thoughts.

The challenge is to live in gratitude for our blessings in life and embrace them to the full. And if we do detect a curse, to rather face it and move through it – in so doing allowing it to become a opportunity for growth –, than to avoid it or carry the fear for it around. The challenge is to awaken to the beauty that is your life.

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About the Author

Hilde Pols combines her music training with her energy work: As a flute and ensemble teacher she developed many techniques to encourage creativity and a sense of the own body, mind and soul. As a Certified Meditation Instructor, Spiritual Healer and Medium, and Dorn/Breuss Therapist she supports individuals to take life into their own hands. “From spirit, through spirit, to spirit” has become her motto, whether she is providing music, healing or inspiration. Providing healing and other modalities at in Germany, she has also taught in Denmark and the US.