‘t is for the ones who dare! by Hilde Pols

In grace we walk o’r many fields
partaking of all life
‘t is beauty and power that it yields
no worry for ling’ring strife.

I honour all who walk their paths
In all shades of lights and greys
For as we walk together more
No lifeline goes astray.

‘t is good and bad and many things
That walk us on our paths
For what our life each day us brings
It molds and shapes our hearts.

Believe in the footsteps that carried you here
The strength and love they bear
For all you do and bring to life
‘t is for the ones who dare!

About the poem:

Inspired writing can be likened to receiving dictation from spirit. The words flow “from spirit, through spirit, to spirit”, softly touching the mind of the writer, without the need of waiting for the right words or corrections later. This does not mean that spirit is audible to me; neither does it mean that spirit is overshadowing me or moving my hand. Rather it is a beautiful collaboration between incarnate and discarnate spirit – the first offering the means the latter the information to pass on to listeners or readers.
This poem was received during meditation on 17th April, 2016.

About the Author

Hilde Pols combines her music training with her energy work: As a flute and ensemble teacher she developed many techniques to encourage creativity and a sense of the own body, mind and soul. As a Certified Meditation Instructor, Spiritual Healer and Medium, and Dorn/Breuss Therapist she supports individuals to take life into their own hands. “From spirit, through spirit, to spirit” has become her motto, whether she is providing music, healing or inspiration. Providing healing and other modalities at in Germany, she has also taught in Denmark and the US.