The Council Fire is more than a series of related articles, it is evolving and taking on a new purpose. The time is rapidly approaching for the Council Fire to transition from its first conception as an article, and into a living, transformational movement.

The basis for the next installment of the Council Fire is already known. Within that article, I will offer a foundation, a set of indigenous based protocols on to how to create and work within your own Council Fire. After the next article,  I will encourage you to begin forming into your own Council Fire groups.  The concept of holding Council Fire gatherings will then be shaped and transformed by all of you.

Before proceeding further, as the title implies, it’s time to share a revelation with you. The inspiration for The Council Fire is more than a deep love and respect for indigenous wisdom. The origins of The Council Fire is based upon a vision in which a prophetic message was revealed to me. This vision and message presented during the most profound Shamanic journey that I’ve ever experienced.  I believe this message is meant to be shared with the each of you, and with the entire world.

A little background about how I received this message. I was practicing what is referred to as the Shamanic journey. Just like in meditation, it requires that we clear our mind, and focus on our breathing. Those same deep, cleansing breaths are incorporated as we become more relaxed. Unlike a meditation, the shaman begins to lightly drum or rattle. It is through theses rhythmic sound waves that an altered state of consciousness is achieved. Within this altered state, the veil that separates our physical world from the spirit realms begins to part .

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In this journey, I began by combining both drumming and rattling.  After a few minutes, my vision turned to darkness, and I realize that I was no longer in my home.  I was now outside, somewhere in the wilderness under a star filled sky. Ahead of me in the distance, I could make out the glow of a campfire. The fire felt welcoming so I approached it’s mystical flames. I took my place, sitting down upon the soft earth to begin enjoying its warmth and light.

I found myself staring at the flames going into an ever deeper trance. I began looking through the fire which became a portal and that’s when I noticed a man seated directly across from me. He appeared to be a plains Indian, as he was dressed in a traditional way that seemed to be from another time period, a much older time.  The Native man noticed me right away and began pointing in my direction. He began speaking and gesturing to a very regal looking man seated to his right.

The man on his right was an elder of great importance, it’s apparent that he is a Chief.  Standing directly behind the Chief, was a woman wearing ceremonial clothing, she is his wife and the matriarch of their people. The Chief looked directly into my eyes and began smiling widely, in fact, he broke into laughter.  He seemed highly amused over this meeting that was now occurring around his council fire.

The elder man introduced himself and began to explain that he is the last chief of his people and that there will be no others. In life, he would prepare ceremonial fires and sit before them. It was at these fires that he would seek council from the spirits and ancestors that came before him. He continued laughing and was greatly amused over the irony of our meeting.

The Chief further explained to me, that in life he would be seated on the other side of the fire, he gestured to the position where I sat.  He would get into a deep altered state and look directly through the flames. The spirits of his ancestors would appear to him on the opposite side of the fire, where he is now seated. He continued to be amused over the irony of switching positions at the fire, and the realization that he was now in the position of spirit, of giving council.

The Chief shared that he lives now just as he always had.  He lives in the traditional ways, just like his ancient ancestors before him. His past lifetime brought him so much joy, that is why he continues to live on just as before, only now its in the afterlife.

The Chief had a wonderful sense of humor, great energy, and he spoke with his hands in a form of sign language. I felt loved and welcomed here around his fire, as though I’m family. There is so much he wishes to convey to me, and it does feel that time is of the essence.

The Chief points to the Earth, then he makes a great semi-circle in the air, touching the Earth once more. This is time, he explains, it moves like the sun.  Seasons, cycles, everything moves in this great circular way. Time is not linear , it’s cyclical in nature. There are  events  from the past, present and future all occurring simultaneously. I have a sense, a realization in this moment that time is more fluid than could ever be imagined.

The Chief explained to me, that we are in a critical time period for humanity.

blue star kachina

There is information being conveyed to me on many different levels, verbally, visually and intuitively. The conversation then turns somber.  The Chief explained to me, that we are in a critical time period for humanity. He further tells me that we have been at this same point in time before. There were three previous worlds that mankind was given but ultimately it was man who destroyed his Mother, the Earth.  Humankind is again at this same crucial point. In each of the previous worlds, this was the pivotal period of time, that choices were made that determined our ultimate future.

The Chief explains that the Great Spirit has given humanity these multiple chances because we had came very close to Awakening. Each time we had come close to realizing our errors and correcting are behaviors, but never within that critical time period. He expressed to me that this time is different,  that this will be our last chance as a species to evolve. We will not be given another Earth, so everything rides on the choices and decisions we make in this pivotal time period.

I was filled with visions of other Earths, scenes of destruction, suffering and devastation.  My mind was a whirlwind of images, feelings, and basic information overload. I felt as though my world was spinning and in this moment the Chief called to me. He raised his hand and pointed directly at me, in the area of my third eye.  He said to me, ” You Lack Focus.”

Suddenly, I was transported back to the present time, back to my home. I was given this message a few years ago, and haven’t really known what to do with it. However, I do feel that it’s important that I share it now with the entire world. I wasn’t shown the answers as to how we may overcome our past and present failures. Though I believe those answers will be found, if we collectively seek our guidance from the Council Fire.

This message is no longer mine alone, it belongs to each of you, and to our world.  What will we do with this information, if anything? Will we collectively dismiss it, or embrace it as a prophetic gift from our ancestors?  There is still time for humankind to correct our course, but how much time, I do not know.  I ask that you share this widely and with everyone, the responsibility of sharing this message belongs to each of us.

Fire (2)In the coming installments of The Council Fire, I will share protocols to incorporate into your own Council Fire group gatherings. Protocols that will serve as a solid foundation to build your own circle upon. These conversations that we are encouraging are crucial to all of us.  Collectively, we are preparing a stage, in order to come together and raise the consciousness of all our relatives.

Will you please join me in organizing your own council fire? I encourage you to begin sharing your status, questions and revelations here at Conversations from the Brink.

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