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Please read the following guidelines carefully before sending in your submission. We accept all types of multi-media formats: podcasts, video, articles, op-eds and blog posts.

Please note: We are looking for contributions on our human potential. This includes insights, innovation, and wisdom for humanity’s next step. This is NOT meant to be an advertorial for your business.  We are looking for writers/speakers/creators with the heart of a teacher, not the mind of a salesperson. No book excerpts, please.

Submission Guidelines:

1. Article/blog/op-eds should be anywhere between 500-1000 words. If you are submitting a video or podcast, please send us the embed code to your content. Please include a short blog post to accompany the video/podcast that is a summary or additional commentary on the provided media material. This write-up should be a minimum of 250 words.

2. Please include a short bio (max 100 words) at the end of your material and include any links you would like E.g. website/facebook/twitter

3. If you are submitting an article, please submit something that has not been previously published anywhere else other than your personal blog/website.  Make sure all content is your own. Also, add references and links to where people can learn more about the topic.

4.  If you include a graphic with your article, please make sure that you own the rights to the graphic and send it to us as a separate attachment as either a .jpg or .png

5.  We reserve the right to refuse a submission based on inappropriate content that does not fit our mission. We also reserve the right to edit for grammar, and spelling.

6.  Please send all submissions to Please note that by sending in your submissions that you are giving Conversations From the Brink to use your material on our website and our various social media outlets.

7.  The subject matter is up to you, as long as it speaks to our potential and/or provides insight and inspiration for humanity’s next step. Please see here for more information on what we believe. 

8.  We will send you an email letting you know if your submission is featured.

9.  Please share, it’s good Karma.

We will promote your article on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other appropriate forums depending on your media format.  It will also be featured on our website. We hope this will be a mutually beneficial endeavor for everyone involved.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Want to contribute in a deeper way?

  • We are looking for podcasters that may want to host a show on the Conversations from the Brink Network. Contact for more information.