The Power of Place with Katherine Allen

How can the spaces we live and work in help us to thrive? Can our outer environment help us to raise our inner vibration? Join us for an eye-opening conversation on creating harmonious and thriving spaces with Katherine Allen. About the Guest Katherine Allen Katherine...

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Quantum Healing with Richard Gordon

We are embarking on a new frontier in health and healing. As our understanding of quantum mechanics deepens we are finding new ways of thinking about our bodies and how it can truly heal. Founder of Quantum Touch, Richard Gordon explains, “Quantum Touch is a method of...

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The Messengers of Nature with Stacey Couch

Wouldn’t you just love to connect with your spirit animals? What messages would they have for you? Stacey Couch believes, “that wild animals are trying to speak and interact with us every day. To listen to them is to listen to that which is divine within each of us....

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Our Infinite Potential with Guy Joseph Ale

We are living in a time of amazing scientific discoveries that are changing the way we understand ourselves and the universe. Emerging fields of cosmology, neuroplasticity, superstring theory, and epigenetics are merging and bringing science and spirituality closer...

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Understanding Vibration by Phyllis King

Why doesn’t the law of attraction seem to work? How do we manage our desire for abundance and still honor our spirituality? Join the “Common Sense Psychic’ Phyllis King as she shares with us how we can connect to our abundant core and become masters in the art of...

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