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A Trembling, A Shaking, A Breaking Loose by Lisa Martin Naimi

Transcript of Channeling of Divine Will & Divine Love Intertwined by Lisa Martin Naimi 2/1/2017 Hello. My name is Lisa Martin Naimi. I am an Ascension Portal, a Mystic, and an Intuitive Empath. I channel Divine Will & Divine Love, intertwined. That’s what today’s message is going to be brought to you by. I don’t know what it is going to be yet, but we will tap in and we will find out. The question is, “What is needed to be known at this time-space point by this particular group here in front of me today, as well as...

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What We’re Truly Hungry For by Lisa Knopp

Listen to Lisa’s interview on Entanglement Radio below. The causes of eating disorders and disordered eating are many and complicated. In my discussions about them with all kinds of people, I’ve found that almost everyone knows about the link between eating disorders and the damaging effects of the beauty, fashion, entertainment, and diet industries on one’s self image. Some know of the effects of familial dynamics, individual psychology (perfectionism and anxiety are quite common among those with anorexia), and patriarchy (a healthy female body will never be good enough). Far fewer are aware of the research into the genetic...

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Reclaiming Life Focus for Autumn by Katherine Allen

While the warm, relaxing days of summer are a welcome reprieve from its counterbalance, the colder seasons, most of us are relieved by the end of the heat of summer for fall to begin. Back to school and cooler mornings remind us of winter’s certainty, motiving the need to refocus our efforts toward new and unfinished projects – many of which were left behind summer’s busy schedule. Autumn is the time of the year that is balancing light and dark in equal proportions.   So this is a time of balance for us as well, the scales start tipping towards...

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Mind the Gap by Hilde Pols

  Anyone who has travelled on trains in and around London will have heard the phrase “mind the gap”, possibly many times. This simple reminder, often repeated aims at safety and smooth service, as we are encouraged to take what is sometimes a little leap to reach the safety of the train or platform. It is a mantra to avoid the nothingness,the dangerous; to transition quickly. There are gaps everywhere in life, most of which go unnoticed. But that is exactly where life takes place: We are told that matter is made up of to 99% space, the gap...

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How to Create a Home for Your Soul by Katherine Allen

  Your home has a soul, not measured in any scientific facts, but through real experiences by those who live with it and visit it.  Just like your soul, your homes’ soul is that palpable feeling and vibe that animates and brings to life to the space /place you call home. A soulful home is a place in which we want to linger and stay awhile, in which we are inspired and comforted, where we feel safe and, most of all, a place that reflects back to us.   This soulful home reflects and reinforces who we are and where...

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