Why do our human patterns keep repeating and how do we change that? How do we learn to get along? Being divided is not new for humanity, these energetic patterns have been going on for eons. Through the use of movies, David Barnes provides a unique and innovated way to shift these programs. Join us for an intriguing conversation on how community can be our master teacher and how tolerance can be achieved through challenging our biases with David Barnes.

About the Guest

David Barnes is a co-founder at Peace Of Mind Overtures and co-author of Taming Your Dragons and It’s Just Commerce. He is the co-host of Peace Overtures Radio a weekly l on spreaker.com.

David utilizes The Alignment Process, an elegant way to assist in finding more peace of mind in your personal and business life. He uses popular movies to assist individuals in discovering their full potential. It’s an innovative and empowering way to make a dynamic shift in your personal and business life.

David’s diverse background includes leadership roles at The Ford Motor Company, as well as executive non-profit experience at The Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

He works with individuals, executives, teams, and businesses that desire to make a change and realize a new sustainable set point. David has consulted with hundreds of businesses, entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies throughout the U.S. His diverse client base includes the Federal Government’s Office of Planning and Management, The Center for Leadership Development, The U.S Air Force, NOAA, and Starbucks.


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How To Transform The Obstacles To Tolerance

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