Is our life pre-determined? What are the different ways we engage and understand the world? How is knowing this useful? Shanon Harwood says that we can work with the different archetypes to assist us with our problems and understand the common themes in our lives. She takes a unique approach to her work combining Shamanic wisdom, the Tarot, Astrology and archetypal energies. Join us for an interesting discussion on how we can enlist the help of these energies to enrich our lives.

About the Guest

Shanon entered the world of shamanism as a teenager intensely interested in tarot and astrology.  This interest deepened when as a young woman, she moved to Dubai UAE, one of the world’s greatest religious melting pots.  Here she was able to study numerous different religions and soon concluded that although terminology and ceremony may differ somewhat, each faith was saying essentially the same thing.

At university, her Religious Studies courses drew yet another parallel – this time to the ancient gods and goddesses from around the world.  This, combined with her hands-on experience with religions in Dubai and her now in depth knowledge of tarot and astrology inspired her to devote eight years of her life to writing “It Depends on Who’s Looking – The Archetype Project”,  a study of the universality of the Archetypal Energies referred to in religion, folklore and mythology.

Shanon is a shamanic practitioner, instructor, and healer who devoted the last 30 years of her life to shamanic writing, teaching, and practice.