This paradigm of Dark and Light is just one of a many paradigms. We live in a multiverse that is much more complex and diverse than we ever imagined. What can we learn about ourselves and our true potential when we can see beyond our dualistic worldview? Join us for a mind-expanding conversation as we broaden our understanding of the light and the dark and the void that contains them with Ascension Portal, Lisa Martin Naimi.

About Guest Lisa Martin Naimi

Lisa-Martin-Naimi_Entanglement-Radio_OMTimes-RadioLisa Martin Naimi is an Empath, Healer, Intuitive, and Channel. She is an Ascension Portal, and remembers herself as the Consciousness of the Void. She is blessed to guide others on their Path of Ascension to come into full Alignment with their Essence, Self-Awareness, Self-Alignment, Self-Love, Self-Trust, and Self-Remembrance. For more information visit: