Are the secrets of our potential embedded in our DNA? By unifying astrological calculation with an archetypal understanding of your genetics, Richard Rudd has created a system that connects you with your original blueprint. This blueprint can tell you about who you truly are and lead you to your life’s purpose. Listen in as we unravel the stories of our genetic code with Gene Keys author, Richard Rudd.

About the Guest Richard Rudd

Richard-Rudd_Entanglement-Radio_OMTimes-RadioA teacher, mystic and poet, Richard Rudd attended Edinburgh University where he gained a master’s degree in literature and metaphysics. Having been gifted with an inheritance, Richard used it to go on a decade long worldwide search for truth and meaning. He studied with great teachers in the East, traveled through the Himalayas, the Pacific and the Americas. He worked in the film industry in Australia, trained as a teacher of Chi Kung in Thailand and sailed across the Atlantic Ocean on a small yacht. During this time he lived in Manhattan, Oregon and Hawaii before finally returning to the UK in 1998, where he met Marian his wife. Over the following years they had 3 children and moved to Devon in southern England. Throughout his adventures Richard has explored his love of writing and in 2006 he won the FISH international poetry award in Ireland.

Richard’s mystical journey began early in life as he experienced strange energies rushing throughout his body. This phenomenon catalysed his spiritual search. All his studies became synthesised in 2002 when he began to write and receive the Gene Keys. It took seven years to write the book and understand its teachings and applications. Today Richard continues to study and teach the profound lessons contained in the Gene Keys. For more information visit: