When: November 29nd at 7pm – 8pm MT

Where: Online or By Phone

Calling all healers and seekers alike to join our meditation group. The intention of this gathering is to send collective, and intentional healing energy to each other and the world. Each month, depending on what is going on, we will gather together to hold space and send focused healing to our planet. Spiritual teacher and healer,  Angela Levesque will lead the group in a guided meditation followed by a short Q & A session on  how we can further our own healing. This monthly gathering is free and online.  If you can’t attend, there will be a recording for you to listen to at your convenience.

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To join the healing group:

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

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Dial: +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll) or +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll)
Meeting ID: 931 643 5039

Discerning Emotions

Collectively our dark side has been exposed and we need to be in touch with how we feel. This is not having the experience of unbridled rage or fear, but to look deep within and explore our darkness in a meaningful way. This requires that we not only understand our...

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Unraveling the Collective Fear

Listen in to this monthly gathering as we talk briefly about the nature of fear and the importance of understanding where our fear comes from and how to transmute it. This is followed by a guided meditation (13:52) that connects you to the 8th chakra, the chakra of universal love and spiritual compassion and assists you in inviting that love energy into your lower chakras.

Healing Circle II – Inner Self, No Self

Listen to this brief talk about the importance of the inner self and the no self in our spiritual journey. Then enjoy a guided meditation that helps you explore your inner self and the messages of your body and then expands into the no self. Meditation begins at 16:20. For more information on the healing circles visit or

Healing Circle – Pillars of Light July 12th, 2016

Listen to our first ever Healing Circle as we explore non-linear healing and how we raise the level of consciousness around our global challenges. The guided meditation begins (around 19:20) by clearing and balancing our energy body and then through focused intention we visualize ourselves as pillars of light, sharing healing frequencies with each other and the planet. For more information on upcoming healing circles visit: or

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